The First Spring

by Thea Rosenburg

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released April 1, 2013

All songs by Théa Rosenburg, except "Come Ye Sinners" (Joseph Hart) and "Amazing Grace" (John Newton)

Cover design: Théa Rosenburg / Cover art: Persia Lou (

Recorded by Jeremiah Austin / Oikos Fellowship, Bellingham WA



all rights reserved


Thea Rosenburg Bellingham, Washington

Singing a lot of lullabies these days.

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Track Name: Come Ye Sinners
Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity, love and pow’r.

Come, ye thirsty, come, and welcome,
God’s free bounty glorify;
True belief and true repentance,
Every grace that brings you nigh.

Come, ye weary, heavy-laden,
Lost and ruined by the fall;
If you tarry till you’re better,
You will never come at all.

I will arise and go to Jesus,
He will embrace me in His arms;
In the arms of my dear Savior,
Oh, there are ten thousand charms.
Track Name: To My Husband, On the Auspicious Occasion of Our Tenth Anniversary
ten years ago
were an old friend
one that frankly I
should’ve known better

and I
I was a silly girl
but I meant well
(oh, I meant extremely well)

ten years ago
were the sweetest groom
you cried right through
your vows and I couldn’t stop beaming

We ran
out the door
the minute we could,
we drove to Canada
where I was old enough to drink

a glass of wine like a grown up
(I was a grown up, right?)
At least,
at last I was your wife

Now your shoes by the door
your coat on the hook
bring it home to me
that you are home

No matter how late it is
no matter how dark it gets
we belong together
I am yours and you are mine

And then a lot of stuff happened, like
college degrees
and babies
(oh, those babies)

Now you,
you make coffee for me
every morning
and we sit on the porch
in our jammies until the girls wake up

and then
we’re off and running again,
oh, we’re running again,
and you make us laugh about it
(I love that about you)

Now your book by the bed,
your clothes on the floor
bring it home to me
that we are home

No matter how long it’s been,
no matter how dark it gets
we belong together
I am yours and you are mine

But I would be remiss if I
did not give credit where credit was due
and I give a lot to you,
but even more to the one who made you

His hand
in the midst of this
has made it the bliss it is
to be married to you

Now our shoes in a pile by the door,
our coats in a heap on the floor
bring it home to me
that we are right at home here

No matter how dark it gets
no matter how long it's been
we belong together,
I am yours and you are mine.

ten years ago
were an old friend
one that I in time would get to know just fine
Track Name: The First Spring (Adam)
When the first leaf fell,
Adam must have feared
that death had come
to the Earth
because of him

When the cold set in
at the harvest’s end
and the fields were full
of dead things
he must have wept

Because he did not know
of the springtime then
He had the promise of God,
a solid thing,
but he did not understand

that death was a season,
the slow sleep of branches and leaves
before the bursting forth
of the first spring
in victory

When the birds stopped singing
and fled their nests,
he did not know
that one day
they would sing again,

or that his wife would sing
with them then,
full herself with new life,
a mystery
to both of them


When the first leaves fell,
Adam must have feared
that death had come
to the Earth
because of him

What he did not see
were the small green leaves
tucked between
the branches
of the slumbering trees
Track Name: When the Waters Saw You (Ps. 77)
I wandered through the desert
patterned the sand with my footprints
I wandered through the wilderness
and never once left your hand

The sea, she stood before me
when she rose up, made way
she waited only for your word
for your word

When the waters saw you, they were afraid
The desert folded in on itself
it's paths crossed and crossed and crossed
and crossed and I wore
myself out with doubt
Oh, I trembled with fear when you said,
"You are mine, don't be afraid"

The city stood before me
but it could not stand before you, O my Lord
You cried aloud and the walls came tumbling down
You broke into it not with war but with sound

What bread is better than your body?
What water from any rock satisfies like your Word?
What voice in the wilderness could surpass the one I heard?
What blood could cleanse like that of the Lamb?
Track Name: Lessons (For My Daughters)
Don’t forget
to wipe off your shoes before you come inside
to hang up your coat so it dries
to treat your sister kindly
to share your things

Don’t forget
to sit up straight at the table
to always say “Please” and “Thank you”
to hold your glass with both hands
to appreciate your food

Don’t forget
to love others as he has loved you
even when it’s hard to do
to invite others in without grumbling
feed them well; feed them well

Don’t forget
to listen to your mother
to respect your dad
to look at my eyes when I talk to you,
but don’t talk to me like that

Don’t forget
as much as you can, always
make peace with everyone around you
Dance with those who dance and
cry with those who cry
(because sometimes life is just sad)

Be glad,
be patient,
be constant
and remember to pray

to the Lord
who loves you,
who made you
just the way he meant to

Don’t forget
that you’re special because God made you,
not because of anything you’ve done
his love is more perfect than ours could be
and it is enough
Track Name: In Exile
I am in exile
I am a stranger now,
alive among all those dry bones

"Arise, go forth
you have heard my voice
for I have loved you so," he said

And the earth broke
he did not mend it, though
he made my soul anew

When I saw
you waiting
in the doorway, I knew

that I would die
oh, I would die
again if I would not follow you

All that once was sweet is bitter
for what could be sweet to me now aside from you

All that I once was is gone
and in its place, he made something lovely and new
Track Name: What I Have Written (Pilate)
My hands are clean
because I washed them
again and again
until the brittle skin cracked and bled

My burden is light
because I bore it
until it bore down on me
until my back broke beneath it
and the pain made me dizzy

I stood before him, certain
that I’d done what I could,
that I’d heard the warning rightly,
that nobody would judge me,
nobody would judge me

By the time it was done
I didn't recognize him,
not his face, not his hands,
not the agony that striped his back,

but he did not appeal to me,
did not ask me to intercede,
but marched steadily on,
his eyes fixed on something in the distance

And I begged him,
I begged him to see
that his fate was up to me,
that the authority was mine and at last he spoke.
He said, “It will be done to me as
my Father decides.”

I fought for him then
but their hate washed over me
and took him away with it
into the worst sort of sea,
where the waves are like iron
and the deeps seem to bleed
and he died in it,
he died in it

because of me

It was not the blood or the violence of it
that troubled me,
It was the calm and quiet of it
that finally pierced me

and I wept,
where I was sure he wouldn’t see.

Over his head I hung a sign,
it read “King of the Jews”
because I didn’t dare use
his name,

not when it burned my mouth,
scalded my tongue
and wouldn’t come out

They accused me
of blasphemy
for calling him king

When they questioned me
I said simply,
“What I have written
I have written”

When rumor reached me
that he had been seen
alive and well and walking
on this side of the grave
I trembled, afraid

but I believed it
Track Name: Witness (Mary Magdalene)
Every mourner loves
every mourner longs,
longs for what was lost

but I received
what every mourner longs for
my beloved, back again

That morning when
I set out
I did not expect to find him

walking among
the olive trees
with his back to me

I thought he was the gardener
come to straighten up the grounds,
I thought I'd never hear his voice again
calling me by my name

but then he called me by name,
he turned
I felt faint

We saw his body laid in the ground,
saw his battered chest fall still
We saw his body laid in the ground,
my burden felt unbearable

The cold clung to my clothes
and the weight of it bore me down
the cold clung to his very bones
and then the morning broke

Every mourner loves
every mourner longs,
longs for what was lost

but I received
what every mourner longs for
my beloved, back again
Track Name: Knock On Your Door
It's a mysterious place you live in,
that old house on that old road
the kind of place I hurry past
on my long walk home

but I know
better than to knock on your door

The windows are all painted shut,
not a single latch will turn
maybe it's a century of bad luck
or neglect just taking what it's earned

The devil's looking in your window,
he's got his hands on all the locks
you know there's nothing you can give up
that you haven't already lost